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Systems Development

RRP $24.95

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* Organization and coverage. Modular organization allows flexibility for the instructor. McLeod emphasizes the entire cycle with more coverage of the phases that follow analysis and design including construction, installation and post implementation activity.
* Project management emphasis. The text is ideal for courses that assign real client projects. Students have the responsibility of managing their projects, and the text describes the planning and control mechanism used for PM, covering tools such as Gantt charts, network diagrams (CPM, PERT), and milestone charts. A "PM Toolbox" feature is integrated into each chapter, as well.
* Knowledge, tools, skills approach. The combination of chapter topics with supporting technical modules provide students with what they need to know in developing software-based systems. Real forms and templates are provided for students to use with their clients.
* Integrated case (Advanced Systems Technology Associates or ASTA) throughout the book helps students apply every concept. For courses where students do not work with real clients, the extended case introduces students to the project management issues, tools and techniques.
* Equal coverage of both structured and object-oriented programming gives instructors the flexibility to choose which methodology to emphasize.
* Coverage of web-based system design.

Development In Infancy

RRP $511.99

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The fifth edition of this topically-organized introduction to infancy provides a comprehensive overview of infant development with a strong theoretical and research base. The authors goal is to help readers gain a clear understanding of infant development and the related issues and problems that will most likely be the focus of significant advances in the future.

The new edition reflects the enormous changes that have occurred in infant development over the past decade. Each chapter has been thoroughly revised to reflect the field s current thinking and research emphasizing work from the 21st century, although the most classic references have also been retained. All aspects of infant development are reviewed including contextual, methodological, neurological, physical, perceptual, cognitive, communicative, emotional, and social development. With the addition of new co-author Martha Arterberry, this edition, features a more accessible style and enhanced pedagogical program, making this edition an ideal text in classes at all levels, undergraduate and graduate, as well as in various disciplinary contexts.

This extensively revised edition features a number of changes:

New co-author, Martha Arterberry, added a number of new pedagogical tools and rewrote certain sections making the book attractive to students from diverse academic backgrounds.
Enhanced pedagogical program including the addition of orienting questions at the beginning of each chapter and boldfaced key terms when first introduced and listed at the end of the chapter and defined in the end of text glossary to help facilitate understanding and learning.
Two new boxes in each chapter Science in Translation illustrating applied issues and Set for Life illustrating the significance of infancy for later functioning.
A greater emphasis on practical applications and social policy.
Many more graphs, tables, and photos that explain important concepts and findings.
Literature reviews that are thoroughly updated to reflect contemporary research.
All new Instructor and student resources area available on the book s website.

Intended for beginning graduate or advanced undergraduate courses on infant (and toddler) development or infancy or early child development taught in departments of psychology, human development & family studies, education, sociology, social work, and anthropology, this book also appeals to social service providers, policy makers, and clergy who work with community institutions.

A Road Map To The Development Of European Sme Networks

RRP $384.99

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Recent European Commission studies recall the urgency of promoting new and more robust Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), due to the rise of enormous global markets and the emergence of a new industrial system originating from the distinctly different business culture of the Far East. A "road map" for the survival of SMEs in Europe must be based on an accurate analysis of the most significant causes behind the weaknesses of SMEs. Several research projects conclude that SMEs must join together to create "networks". Yet the majority of the existing networks suffer from a lack of real coordination: it is clear that a method for analyzing the governance of the network and its collaboration efficiency is essential for assuring effective performance. "A Road Map to the Development of European SME Networks" addresses this task: describing the method of analysis, allowing comparisons to be made between SME networks in different European countries, and providing information on a supporting web site.

Search Engines, Link Analysis, And User's Web Behavior

RRP $40.95

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WEB MINING Link Analysis Search Engines User s Web Behavior HITS Algorithm Fuzzy Cognitive Map Radial Basis Function PageRank Algorithm Interior Point Method Fuzzy Bags Rgeression Models Rough Sets Information Theory Thisbookpresentsaspeci?cand uni?ed approach framework to three- jor components: Search Engines Performance, Link Analysis, and User s Web Behavior. TheexplosivegrowthandthewidespreadaccessibilityoftheWWW has led to a surge of research activity in the area of information retrieval on VI Preface the WWW. The three aspects of web mining follow the taxonomy of the above diagram: Link Analysis, Search engines, and User s web behavior are considered in the unifying approach. The book is organized in three sections as follows: 1. In section I of the book (chapters 2 4) we study Link Analysis within the hubs and authorities framework. Link Analysis is the science of hyperlink structures ranking, which are used to determine the relative authority of a Web page and produce improved algorithms for the ranking of Web search results. We use the HITS Algorithm developed by Kleinberg and we propose to study HITS in a 2-D new space: In-degree and Out Degree variables. After we categorize each web page into a speci?c toplogy we study the impact of each web topology on HITS in the new 2-D space. We describe why HITS does not fare well in almost all the di?erent topologies of web graphs. We also describe the PageRank Algorithm in this new 2-D space."

Faculty Development In The Health Professions

RRP $491.99

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This volume addresses all facets of faculty development, including academic and career development, teaching improvement, research capacity building, and leadership development. In addition, it describes a multitude of ways, ranging from workshops to the workplace, in which health professionals can develop their knowledge and skills. By providing an informed and scholarly overview of faculty development, and by describing original content that has not been previously published, this book helps to ensure that research and evidence inform practice, moves the scholarly agenda forward, and promotes dialogue and debate in this evolving field. It will prove an invaluable resource for faculty development program planning, implementation and evaluation, and will help to sustain faculty members' vitality and commitment to excellence. Kelley M. Skeff, M.D., Ph.D., May 2013: In this text, Steinert and her colleagues have provided a significant contribution to the future of faculty development. In an academic and comprehensive way, the authors have both documented past efforts in faculty development as well as provided guidance and stimuli for the future. The scholarly and well-referenced chapters provide a compendium of methods previously used while emphasizing the expanding areas deserving work. Moreover, the writers consistently elucidate the faculty development process by highlighting the theoretical underpinnings of faculty development and the research conducted. Thus, the book provides an important resource for two major groups, current providers and researchers in faculty development as well as those desiring to enter the field. Both groups of readers can benefit from a reading of the entire book or by delving into their major area of interest and passion. In so doing, they will better understand our successes and our limitations in this emerging field. Faculty development in the health professions has now received attention for 6 decades. Yet, dedicated faculty members trying to address the challenges in medical education and the health care delivery system do not have all the assistance they need to achieve their goals. This book provides a valuable resource towards that end.


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