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How To Select A Vendor For Web Development

RRP $259.99

Like most how-to books, 'How to Select a Vendor for Web Development' is the product of many years of hard-earned personal experience shaped by honest observation. The lack of useful, systematic information about selecting a website developer spurred me into writing the book I could never find but always wanted to read. Here it is: everything you ever wanted to know about selecting a website developer. Using concise language and an easy-to-read format, I present a simple, step-by-step guide that I hope will be beneficial to businesses and non-profits seeking a vendor they can trust. Since 1995, I have headed my own consulting and web development business. INITSOFT Web Solutions has worked with more than 100 clients, including large corporations as well as numerous small companies and non-profit organizations. Salim Lakhani

Interaction And Second Language Development

RRP $371.99

This volume addresses the role of communicative interaction in driving various dimensions of second language development from the perspective of Vygotskian sociocultural psychology. Emphasizing the dialectical relationship between the external-social world and individual mental functioning, the chapters delve into a wide range of topics illustrating how the social and the individual are united in interaction. Themes include psychological and human mediation, joint action, negotiation for meaning, the role of first language use, embodied and nonverbal behaviors, and interactional competencies. Theoretical discussions and key concepts are reinforced and illustrated with detailed qualitative analyses of interaction in a variety of second language contexts. Each chapter also includes pedagogical recommendations. Supplemental materials (e.g., videos, transcripts, discussion questions) have been made available as "data sessions" on the book's companion website so that readers can engage with the themes presented in the book through sample analytic exercises.

Development And The Law

RRP $257.99

A gap has long existed between construction professionals (such as architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, mechanical and electrical engineers, environmental consultants and others) and the property development process. The underlying development structures, expressed in terms of legal obligation and accountability, are all too little understood. This practical guide by a highly experienced lawyer identifies the role of the professional in its wider context, and looks beyond their relationship with their immediate employer. This encourages them to appreciate the concerns and interests of people such a joint venture partners, bankers, funders, landowners with an interest is the outcome, and tenants. The development professional needs to understand the pattern or web of relationships between a variety of principals, both in terms of contractual obligation and duty of care.

Black Sheep Caught In A Cobweb

RRP $27.50

"Normal families make fewer enemies, but dysfunctional families make better memories."

Mirabelle Pereira shares twenty vignettes featuring her family, which has caught the attention of law enforcement and airport authorities around the globe (but you'll have to read part two of her memoirs to learn why, which is coming soon).

In each anecdote, self-assuredness is suppressed by unfortunate circumstances leading to both humiliation and epiphany.

Disclaimer: The reader must not take themselves too seriously as this could lead to the author being potentially put in a home in the countryside.

Join Pereira on a humorous and unforgettable ride that celebrates the confusion and dysfunction of a large family in a self-deprecating manner in Black Sheep Caught in a Cobweb.

Patterns In Plant Development

RRP $508.99

Patterns in Plant Development offers an introduction to the development of the whole plant. It is essentially a factual book that describes the complex phenomena of development in vascular plants. The point of view is structural, and emphasis is placed on the experimental approach to development. The book deals with lower vascular plants (e.g. ferns) as well as seed plants, so that the treatment of the plant, beginning with the embryo and continuing through the phase of secondary growth (the vascular cambium) is presented. The book is written so that anyone who has completed a basic first-year university course in biology or botany will be able to use it without difficulty. Sufficient background information is provided so that the reader is not required to have an extensive technical background.


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