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Contexts For Creative Writing

RRP $12.99

A structured course in creative writing providing opportunity for users to work through exercises individually. This book is based on the belief that the best writing comes not out of the blue but from a context in which the writer can feel involved, and that writing needs as much practical emphasis as a craft as does woodwork, art or music. To aid involvement each chapter contains an initial situation to provide a context which is explored and broken down in a workshop fashion, the practices learned being then applied to a variety of similar situations. The contexts themselves cover a range of writing opportunities and functions - factual and analytic, descriptive and imaginative, dramatic and narrative - exploring the particular needs and challenges of each. They are also progressive and from chapter to chapter there is a development to more complex situations and styles.

Late-medieval Religious Texts And Their Transmission

RRP $274.99

This collection of new essays constitutes the proceedings of the sixth York Manuscripts Conference, held at the University of York in July 1991. Dr Doyle's lively introductory address is followed by eleven studies which range widely over the different types and genres of religious literature which were produced in late-medieval England, paying attention to both verse and prose, and representing the three literary languages of the time, English, French and Latin, though concentrating on texts in English.Contributors: IAN DOYLE, BELLA MILLETT, O.S. PICKERING, JOCELYN WOGAN-BROWNE, THOMAS G. DUNCAN, SUE POWELL, RALPH HANNA III, VINCENT GILLESPIE, ANNE HUDSON, ALAN J. FLETCHER, A.S.G. EDWARDS, JOHN J. THOMPSON.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy In A College Context

RRP $256.99

...a welcome addition ...Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in a College Context is a concise, erudite, and useful introduction to this emerging specialty. Contemporary Psychology An excellent addition to the sparse literature on psychotherapy in college settings. This well-written collection demonstrates the applicability and usefulness of brief psychoanalytic psychotherapy in college settings. It also usefully presents important information about some of the most difficult and demanding disorders treated in academic settings (e.g., eating and narcissistic character disorders). Choice In one of the few professional books to consider psychotherapy with college students as a particular specialty, Robert May invited senior, experienced college psychotherapists to examine the unique and typical characteristics of therapy with young adults in college. From organizational and administrative aspects to specific clinical techniques, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in a College Context offers college counselors, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts all the information needed for effective, sound treatment.

Vegan Meals For A Better Life Style

RRP $34.99

This Vegan Vegetarian approach to cooking allows for peak nutrient performance, low empty calorie and high Essential fatty acid intake which together may prevent and or improve many Life Style diseases. It is the dietary host that welcomes many health advantages that enhances strength and vigor.

Faith And Contexts: V. 1-4

RRP $233.99

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